The environmental protection policy of Wienker GmbH is aimed at all employees and areas of the company and defines the social responsibility and the environmental philosophy of the company. Our entrepreneurial actions are guided by the following principles:
Wienker GmbH strives to continuously improve its processes by monitoring technology and practices in order to prevent environmental pollution during the manufacture, storage, transport and disposal of the products.
Wienker GmbH complies with the environmental laws and regulations that are relevant to it, as well as other regulations that apply to the manufacture and production of the products.
The Wienker GmbH sets environmental protection goals and evaluates the environmental services through evaluation processes.

The Wienker GmbH strives to minimize adverse environmental impacts during the manufacture of the products through use, environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and materials.

When selecting and using products and services, Wienker GmbH relies on environmentally friendly, qualified suppliers and service providers.
The Wienker GmbH trains their employees so that they perform their tasks in an environmentally friendly and responsible manner.

In order to achieve these goals, methods and machines are used which correspond to the state of the art. In doing so, norms, regulations, legal and official regulations as well as the requirements of the customers are observed.