With the idea of manufacturing thermostats, Heinz Wienker started production at the end of the sixties. The heart of this switch was a bi-metal contact for the manufacture of which the purchase of a stamping machine and the construction of a stamping tool was necessary. This laid the foundations for the manufacture of stamped metal parts. The Friwo Gerätebau Company heard about the production possibilities of Heinz Wienker and placed an order for the development of various electronic contacts.The number of regular customers quickly grew and further orders for the manufacture of stamping tools followed. The production of stamped metal parts replaced the original underlying idea.

In 1975, the company started production in the present day factory with about twenty employees. In the mid eighties, the Göbel family took over the factory of Mr Wienker. Since then the company‘s growth and modernisation strategy was consistently further developed. The size of the company almost doubled in the course of the years due to several expansion projects. The apparatus and machinery in the design and construction and stamped part production departments are state of the art.

Till the end of 2004, the company was located in the South of Münster.  Since 2005, the business has been moved to the industrial area of Münster in a new and larger production site. The production has constantly grown.
In order to have sufficient capacity, it was necessary at the end of 2013 to expand the building about approximately 2200 m².

Today, Wienker GmbH has 50 employees and supplies about 150 international customers from different branches of industry.